Why report?

Music is someone’s property. It becomes available to listeners when it is recorded onto sound carriers that are played on our music devices or broadcasted by radio and TV stations. If there were no music publishers, we would not be able to buy music CDs of our favorite bands. Phonogram publishers invest their money and effort into producing sound carriers.

Pursuant to Article 187, Paragraph 1, of the Law on Copyright and Related Rights (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia” 104/09, 99/11, 119/12 29/16 – CC RS Decision and 90/18 CC RS Decision), music users are obliged to obtain a license for exploitation of subject-matters of protection. A music user is a legal or natural person who publically communicates the OFPS repertoire in the territory of the Republic of Serbia in the course of performing a registered business activity.

If you play music on your business premises, please comply with your legal obligation and register.