A word about who we are and what we do

The Organization of Phonogram Producers of Serbia-OFPS is a collective society engaged in protecting the rights of phonogram producers. We represent music publishers from the territory of the Republic of Serbia. The Organization has been founded and operates pursuant to the Law on Copyright and Related Rights (Official Gazette of Serbia No. 104/2009, 99/2011, 119/2012, 29/2016 – CC RS decision and 90/2018 – CC RS decision) and the Decision of the Intellectual Property Office of Serbia.

Pursuant to the abovementioned Law, each person who publicly communicates or broadcasts music is obliged to obtain a license from and pay remuneration to the publisher/phonogram producer. In order to better protect their rights, the phonogram producers of Serbia have established an organization that will represent their interests. This is how OFPS came to existence. Our duty is to protect the interests of phonogram producers, collect remuneration for the exploitation of music and distribute it to phonogram producers.

Music represents a type of work of authorship which needs to be recorded onto a sound carrier (CD, tape, etc.) in order to be played and copied. Phonogram producers invest their resources and efforts into recording and copying music albums so that all of us can enjoy the songs of our favorite bands.

It is difficult to imagine any music made by an author without a publisher that will distribute it to the auditorium. The exploitation of one’s right of ownership requires certain remuneration. The right of the phonogram producer also represents a type of property called intellectual property. The exploitation of this right also requires remuneration. Let’s respect the rights of publishers.